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Personal Injury Compensation

You may be able to make a claim for personal injury compensation if you have suffered injury or illness due to the actions or negligence of someone else. Injury compensation is a diverse area of law that covers many different areas, and most situations require prompt counsel and action from expert personal injury lawyers. Lionheart Lawyers have over 50 years collective experience helping clients through the compensation claim process to reach fair settlements and the benefits they’re entitled to.


Lionheart Lawyers helps with personal injury claims by providing expert advice, negotiating with involved parties, insurance companies and agencies, and the preparation of personal injury claims to compensate you for your injuries/pain & suffering, and to cover your medical costs, lost earnings, domestic assistance and other expenses that are incurred.

Strict time limits apply to personal injury claims.

We understand the extent to which an injury can impact someone’s life emotionally, physically and financially. The aftermath of an injury can have devastating and life-changing consequences for you and your loved ones, and we will always fight with your best interests at heart to achieve outcomes that make a real difference.

Personal injury compensation claims are typically the result of:

  • Injuries from a slip or fall
  • Injuries from motor accidents on the road
  • Injuries in the workplace
  • Injuries from the negligent treatment of a medical practitioner
  • Injuries suffered at a public event or on private property
  • Injuries caused by faulty property

We advise and represent you in negotiations and in Court (if necessary) to ensure you receive the financial compensation and benefits that will restore you to your previous position prior to the injury happening. We work out the amount of compensation you are entitled to, compile and lodge your personal injury claim and work with you to negotiate a fair settlement.

We are an expert team of skilled lawyers with extensive experience in personal injury compensation cases. If you’ve suffered an injury, you need to seek legal advice regarding compensation sooner rather than later. Because strict time limits apply, contact us as soon as possible – we will listen to you, and fight for you to achieve the best possible outcome.



Lionheart Lawyers are experienced and respected compensation practitioners that can help guide you through your rights and legal options following injury.


Our compensation lawyers can help simplify and manage the difficult and complex minefield of workers compensation, ensuring you get the best outcomes.


If your health provider has failed in there duty of care, then you may be eligible for compensation. The Lionheart team can help you navigate this process.


Motor vehicle accidents and injury are a traumatic and harrowing experience with ongoing repercussions and expense. It’s important to know you rights and our legal experts are here to assist with this.


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