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Workplace injuries are not uncommon, and a huge number of accidents happen at work where guidelines aren’t adhered to, or employers fail to properly protect their workers from risk. Every work injury case is unique, and seeking advice from compensation lawyers allows timely, precise action to be taken in order to achieve the best outcome of maximum compensation.

Workers’ compensation claims also cover workers who were injured not as a result of the employer’s fault.

Because there are time restrictions around the lodging of work compensation claims, it is imperative to seek legal advice as soon as possible. If you think you might have a work injury or damage compensation case but you are unsure where to start, Lionheart Lawyers can help.


Every work injury or damage situation has many different variables and so legal response must be tailored to every unique case. Work injury is a complex field of law that covers many areas, and Lionheart Lawyers have a proven track record of successful outcomes in gaining compensation and benefits to work injury victims.

Work injury/Workers’ compensation applies when you are injured while:

  • Working at your usual workplace
  • Working away from your usual workplace at a job site/another company/private residence etc
  • On an authorised break
  • Travelling in the course of performing your duties

Lionheart Lawyers are well-versed in work injury compensation and can provide the following support following your injury:

  • Consultancy and advice on your circumstances regarding grounds for compensation claims
  • Communication and negotiation with all parties involved to resolve disputes, such as insurers and employers
  • Advice to union members regarding their legal rights
  • Resolve claim disputes and lodge claims for other entitlements you are owed

Our WIRO approved lawyers are ready to assist you. WIRO approved lawyers are able to seek funding on your behalf from the WIRO, which means that you will not pay any legal costs in a workers’ compensation claim.

We understand the damage a work injury can inflict on your emotional, physical and financial well-being. We fight for you to ensure you are compensated for your injury and everything owed to you – including (where applicable) a lump sum, medical expenses, loss of earnings and other costs that result from your injury. Call us today for a free work injury consultation – we will listen to you and advise your best next steps.



Lionheart Lawyers are experienced and respected compensation practitioners that can help guide you through your rights and legal options following injury.


Our compensation lawyers can help simplify and manage the difficult and complex minefield of workers compensation, ensuring you get the best outcomes.


If your health provider has failed in there duty of care, then you may be eligible for compensation. The Lionheart team can help you navigate this process.


Motor vehicle accidents and injury are a traumatic and harrowing experience with ongoing repercussions and expense. It’s important to know you rights and our legal experts are here to assist with this.


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